Week 15 (Dec.1 – Dec.5)

This week is the Home Stretch!

For the BVW Festival we prepared our room to be ready to welcome guests into our project room.


For set up, we had our 3 min promo video running on our big monitor, a table with explanation of our project, the beginner box and a demo running on a tablet.
We also decided to conduct multiple mini playsession for those guests interested in getting a first hand experience in using the app and playing through the game.

Guests varying from; other students, faculty, people interested in Pathfinder, company recruiters and alumni, all stopped by to check out our semester product.

Final Backgrounds:

Cewon, has completed the final backgrounds that will go into the application. You can see the beautiful images when the players are adventuring inside the various caves.

DUNGEON_05SpiderNest DUNGEON_04GemstoneAltar DUNGEON_02MagicalFountain DUNGEON_10DragonDen DUNGEON_06GraffitiAndMagicPillar
*From the Top Left – Spider Nest, Gemstone Altar, Magical Fountain, Dragon’s Den, and Graffiti and Magic Pillar Room.

Video Promo:
After taking all of the team interview videos, Tim, has edited the videos into an amazing 30 sec teaser video and a 3 minute trailer video!

Check it out here

Sound Update:
Tim, has finished composing the most epic dragon battle!

Check it out here

Friday – Gamestore Playtest

We are bringing our final build to a local GameStore called, Game Masters.
The owner, Phil has kindly reached out to his friends that might be interested in testing out our application.

Next week

Next week is Finals week. We will be presenting on Friday, and throughout the week the team will be preparing for the presentation, and archiving our project.