Week 11 (Nov. 3rd – Nov. 7th)

This week we had two exciting events.

On Wednesday,
We had some first year students visit our project room and we shared our basic experience being in a semester long project. Because they only have experience in Building Virtual Worlds, where its a rapid prototyping environment, they were very curious and excited to know about being in a project team. This was a great refresher for our team to look back and be able to appreciate the ups and downs we went through as a first year.

On Thursday,
We conducted another playtest. This time we invited our faculty and also Anthony Daniels, the actor who played the droid C3-PO in the Star Wars Series. It was amazing to see him, and others enjoy the experience we have created. His eagerness to come back and play another game was a definite confidence booster for our team.





Also, as the Building Virtual World Festival approaches, we are creating a unique sign that will hang in front of our project room. This has been going on as a side project for our artist, Cewon since the beginning of the semester and it is exciting to see the progress. With the help of our faculty, we were able to use the laser cutter, our school recently received and cut our logo from an acrylic sheet.

Next Week:
We are planning on having a visitor from Wizard’s Coast on Wednesday, and we are also planning on conducting a playtest on either Friday or Saturday.
As the end of the semester approaching we are making quick adjustments and polishing our core mechanics