Week 13 (Nov. 17th – Nov. 21st)

This week was VERY BUSY

On Wednesday
After completing their Round 5 Assignment, the First year students had to prepare to present their worlds to the Jury for BVW Festival. In order to test their worlds, those who were BVW TAs were MIA from the project to concentrate and support the testing to run smoothly.

During our absence Cewon was successful in creating more icons


*more updated icons are here (stat icons) and here (monsters).

On Thursday
Having access to the laser cutter, our artist Cewon has created a neat package for guests.

IMG_0999 IMG_1001

On Saturday
We conducted a Playtest running through  Act I and transitioning into Act II.


Although the build on Act II was not as polished as Act I, the players were able to transition into Act II smoothly.

After the game, we interviewed each players and they all mentioned that they had fun, would come back again, and now would like to use Act II when they play again.


We were finally able to include the sound our Sound Designer, Tim has been working so hard on this semester. Although it’s not all, please take a look at his work that makes the experience much better.
You can find it here

Next Week:
On Monday we have our Softs Presentation, and Thanksgiving Break from Wednesday.