Week 7 (Oct. 6th – Oct. 10th)

This week we are slowly incorporating the works done by our Artist (Cewon) and Sound Designer (Tim) alongside the designs (Anthony) into our platforms.

This week Cewon modeled, and textured the props which includes, weapons, and effects that the characters will be holding.


Also, she went through a first pass in the visual development of the UI


On Wednesday we had a guest from Disney, Dave Bossert. we shared with him our goals, and progress that we have made.

After we received his feedback, we hope to polish our design and make our product approachable and friendly.

We also had another guest on Friday. Paul Barnett from EA, a former GM of EA Mythic and the a current Producer for the Chief Creative Office at EA.


Next week:

Next week, half of the team will be absent, heading out to Seattle for company visits. We hope to have the remainder of the team to hold the fort. When we return from the trip to have a strong vision of what we want to present for the Halves Presentation which will occur on the following week.