Week 10 (Oct. 27th – Oct. 31st)

This week we were all focused for the playtest on Friday with Prof. Jessica Hammer’s Design Lab students, and the November 1st Playtest.
We wanted to make sure we implement all the things we need to go through the first combat phase.

This includes:

  • Communication between all of the platforms (GM phone with the 4 player platforms)
  • UI implemented
  • GM can play the first environment sound and the Act I combat sound
  • Players can make choices of Attacking, Special Skill, and Something Else at the initial combat phase

Cewon also created more icons!

190px_icon_spells-03 190px_icon_spells-02 190px_icon_spells-01 190px_icon_class-09 190px_icon_class-08190px_icon_class-07 190px_icon_class-06 190px_icon_class-05190px_icon_class-03 190px_icon_class-04 190px_icon_class-02 190px_icon_class-01 190px_icon_spells-18 190px_icon_spells-17 190px_icon_spells-16 190px_icon_spells-14 190px_icon_spells-15 190px_icon_spells-13 190px_icon_spells-12 190px_icon_spells-11 190px_icon_spells-10 190px_icon_spells-08 190px_icon_spells-09 190px_icon_spells-07 190px_icon_spells-05 190px_icon_spells-06 190px_icon_spells-04

To know what exactly each represents please check out our  Media Page

Friday – Design Lab Playtest

We met with 4 undergrad students taking Prof. Jessica Hammer’s Game Design Class. As Anthony led them through the beginning of Act I, we realized the bugs and issues we had to fix.
At the end of the 30 minute play session, we were ready to head back to our project room and tackle the issues in our build so we were ready for the following day.

Players will select their character!

After selecting their character, they will wait for the other players to finish selecting so the GM can start Act I.

Saturday – November 1st Playtest

Although it was a challenge to accomplish everything, we were able to create a build without any build breaking bugs and have a smooth playtest.
Thanks to our faculties, we were able to playtest our updated/fixed build with 5 different groups, and we are proud to say that it all ran smooth.
We were able to receive feedback and we will analyze and pivot our directions for the next week.

Next Week:

We are looking into iterating and playtesting towards the end of the week. We might be bringing our build to the outside community, if we want to do a quick playtest, we are also thinking of holding a inhouse playtest at the ETC.