Half presentations

Last week ETC students formally presented to ETC faculty, students, and guests the status of their projects at the mid-point of the semester. In 15 minute presentations, the project teams gave updates on what they are making for their clients and what they have accomplished so far.   The teams also included information on their target demographic, any metrics they are using for success, and what they expect to accomplish during the second half of the semester.

On Monday, we heard from Wall Walkers, the student project team working on an installation for the Tepper Quad Welcome Center at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh campus; Inksmith, a team looking to translate children’s storybooks from paper to touchscreen; rEAd,the student project working with EA’s OCCO to create an interactive reading experience; and Lotter-e, a project developing a game for the National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.

On Wednesday we heard from Kalpana, a team using live-action in VR to explore storytelling and building an effective pipeline for their process; Para Productions, a two-semester project developing an animated short film; Kinetics, who is designing, developing, and implementing SMALLab learning games to help educators introduce and reinforce learning concepts in practical math and programming; and Flint, a project in collaboration with the Elizabeth Forward Middle School where students can explore wind as a renewable energy source.

Wrapping up the ETC-Pittsburgh ½ presentations was Akili, a student team developing a tablet trivia game, for high school students working with the Opportunity Education Foundation, that focuses on self-assessment and life skill development; Emotionshop, a project that aims to develop broad principles for gameplay techniques which evoke emotions; Entropy, a student-pitched project making a tablet puzzle game using the laws of thermodynamics as its core gameplay  mechanic; and River Run, who is developing a multiplayer mobile game providing students in IU1 opportunities to overcome emotional and social difficulties.

We invite you to watch Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s student presentations on our website.

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