Team Members

Paradigm is a 6-person team of designers and programmers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

Tera Nguyen

Tera is the co-producer on our project. With a background in project management and experience design, Tera works with interdisciplinary teams to build immersive experiences that connect people together through the use of new technologies, such as VR/AR/XR.

Kevin Lee


Kevin is the co-producer, game designer, and writer on the project, specializing in unique interactions on video games. He is also an animator, musician/producer, and street dancer interested in the intersection of the arts and technology.

Zoe Bai


Zoe is a UX designer, a 3D artist, and a creative coder. She is passionate about serious games, educational games and human-computer interaction. She seeks to bring new technologies such as AR/VR/XR into experience design. She is working at Electronic Arts (EA) as a UX Design intern during this summer!

Boyi Liu


Boyi is the experience designer and interaction designer in our project. He loves location-based entertainment and believes that every little detail can make a great impact on the overall user experience. He is working at Tencent Game as an interaction designer in this summer.

Ariel Tan


Ariel is a dynamic, detail-oriented, bilingual Software Engineer with a focus on software engineering and game designing!

Saumya Lahera


Saumya Lahera is the iOS developer on our project. He has a passion for Apple Frameworks and working with Artificial Intelligence.


Dave Culyba


Dave worked at Electronic Arts as part of the team that created the computer game Spore, was a co-founder of the startup Interbots, and is also one of the core members of the Alice research team working to create software to help teach students how to program.

Brenda Bakker Harger


Brenda is a theatre director, improviser, and professor of Entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center where she teaches improvisational acting and leads diverse interdisciplinary projects.




Alpha is our fish friend whose unexacting live energy always gives us inspirations about making work fun.

Yo-yo & Simon


They are our source of happiness in our team chemistry!