WK9 – Work with what we have


Goal: Figure out our actionable plan after Halves.

Challenges: What alternatives did we have for our guerrilla artist? What should programmers build while designers need to adjust their design? Did we have to find a new design?

Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes.


Coming back from spring break, we met with Heather Kelley who mentioned to us about diversity issues within the creative industry. We felt motivated to discuss about racism and stereotypes. However, we had so many questions on how we could tie these topics to our experience.

  1. What are the gatekeepers we wanted the audience to role-play and experience?
  2. What is the artist’s stance? What is he/she trying to get the audience to feel or do?
  3. Who is the artist? What could be about the artist’s identity that give the audience a second thought of supporting his/her art project?
  4. How should we use the drawing activity?
  5. What should be the drawing prompts?
  6. What landmarks should we use?

Creating production plan

As designers were adjusting their design to our Halves feedback, I created a production plan with features for our Alpha build. I informed the team on key due dates and important things to be mindful about, such as leaving enough time to deploy our app or to build an Instagram campaign, and let the production plan be flexible enough to respond to our new design. I also discussed with programmers to work on core features we knew that won’t be changed. We set our goals to have a prototype of the iPad’s drawing interface by March 27, and merge the backend infrastructure between the iPads and big screens by April 4.