Week 1 (Aug. 25th ~ Aug. 29th)

Kick off!!

Our team successfully completed our first week. Because our team is a pitch team, we were able to enter the semester with some parts of the concept phase complete.

We completed coming up with a set weekly calendar to help us understand what the teams and individuals days are. We have also scheduled to take our team photo the coming week on Wednesday with a theme.

Cewon has shared with us the poster and half sheet she worked on during the summer.



We also met with our Advisor, Dave Culyba in an attempt to gain a strong understanding of what our goal is for this semester. We also had 2 faculty interested in our project, Chris Klug and Jessica Hammer. Chris has a great deal of experience and connections in the world of roll playing we hope that would help us out. Jessica, who plays Pathfinder herself and a vast knowledge of design and play testing, is a great support to our goal.


Since our team is mostly made of TAs it was quite hard to figure out a time that we could all meet and discuss. We hope that this will ease off as we get off the Round 0 of BVW and into the other Rounds. Since we also set up the weekly schedule our communication should run smooth.

Next week:

In the coming week, we will discuss on our goals, project direction questions, play testing, sprint focus, and also filling up our scrum board. Cewon is also planning on diving deeper in decorating the room which we are looking forward to.