Newsletter 5 – Quarters

Week 5 (Sept. 22nd ~ 26th ) Quarters week! As the week started, we all knew that our main sprint goal was the quarters presentation that was going to happen at the end of the week on friday. We made a few attempt at paper play testing the skills page throughout the week, but stopped when we realized that we were not receiving or answering the questions we had. As usual Cewon was blazing through with her art and modeled, rigged, and textured her first model. On Tuesday we had guests from Hasbro…continue reading →

Newsletter 4 – Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair

Week 4 (Sept. 15th ~ 19th ) This week, we analyzed the data we collected at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair during the weekend. Although we were not able to come down with a strong conclusion to our character direction, the survey definitely supported our hypothesis that the original character’s seriousness, detail, and intensity lured those with experience in tabletop rpgs, and Cewon’s new character’s brighter color, and simplicity attracted newer and younger people.   With new information in mind, we gathered together and made a decision of the character direction. We also plan…continue reading →

Newsletter 3 – CMU Playtest

Week 3 (Sept. 8th ~ 12th ) This week, we took the data we collected from CMU main campus and through online surveys to narrow down on our character design. Character Visualization 2nd Pass: We realized that many people favored the first and the fourth one but the third one seemed to be the most stable always ranking first or second in all of the surveys. In the end we decided to go with the third option but add the elements that people liked from the first and fourth. For this week we…continue reading →

Newsletter 2 – Success Metrics

Week 2 (Sept. 1st ~ Sept. 5th) This week, we began by creating a sprint goal of play testing our Character Visual Style during the weekend. We were also able to come down with a first rough pass on our problem statement that we would like to tackle: “Provide an avatar who teaches new player the fundamentals of the Pathfinder Beginner Box through simple interactions and rich audio and visuals.” Also our success metrics: New Players are confident in 30 minutes and interested in continuing play. GMs to desire our application, recommend to…continue reading →

Newsletter 1 – The Start!

Week 1 (Aug. 25th ~ Aug. 29th) Kick off!! Our team successfully completed our first week. Because our team is a pitch team, we were able to enter the semester with some parts of the concept phase complete. We completed coming up with a set weekly calendar to help us understand what the teams and individuals days are. We have also scheduled to take our team photo the coming week on Wednesday with a theme. Cewon has shared with us the poster and half sheet she worked on during the summer. We also…continue reading →