Week 2 (Sept. 1st ~ Sept. 5th)

This week, we began by creating a sprint goal of play testing our Character Visual Style during the weekend. We were also able to come down with a first rough pass on our problem statement that we would like to tackle:

“Provide an avatar who teaches new player the fundamentals of the Pathfinder Beginner Box through simple interactions and rich audio and visuals.”

Also our success metrics:

  1. New Players are confident in 30 minutes and interested in continuing play.
  2. GMs to desire our application, recommend to their new players
  3. General Learning Designs that could be implemented into other difficult games.

And what our app is not going to be:

  2. Not teaching experienced players
  3. Full Beginners Box
  4. Virtual Tabletops
  5. Community Tool

From the design perspective, Anthony has created a simple wire frame as a rough that we can work with.


Our team also completed taking a team photo using the green screen room, Cewon will be editing it to bring out the theme more.


 10551514_935082133172486_7815574949800257073_o 10608235_935082126505820_5011535097512910314_o  10631276_935082129839153_6197118757168231029_o


This coming weekend we will go out to conduct external play testing and also an internal play testing using google survey.

Next week:

This coming week, we will analyze the data we receive, narrow down, or select our character visualization. We are also planning on attending the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair in an attempt to collect more data about our demographic. Towards the end of the weekend, Taku and Anthony will be absent from the Adventure Module trip with the 1st year students so we need to be quick with our decisions.