Show Production

Cue Sheet & Show Format

Cue Sheet is an effective way that we have found to organize the structure of our show. In our cue sheet, we detail each segment of our show and a time estimate, the layout of our show, content of each game/scene we are doing, and the effects (mainly whether actors will be on air or not) that we are using in each bit of our show. 

Show production with professional improvisers

Here is a link to our most recent show with professional improvisers. In the show, we tested out the show format that we have developed .

Production Toolkit

Streaming Design & Tech Flow

Our Twitch stream is made through a combination of footages from actors and streamers into Streamlabs OBS, as well as Unity features. From there, we also utilize Twitch extensions, as well as content from Twitch chat.

Twitch Improv Bot

The Twitch improv bot helps hosts with outputting messages to the audience in order to keep them informed of what each game is about. In the section “game template”, the host could simply click on the game that they are playing and the related info preprogrammed will pop up. The suggestions from the audience could also be chosen and be displayed on screen for everyone to see.