Week 4 Dev Blog

On Monday, Todd, the lab technician, and Nick, the Ph.D. student at NextManufacturing Institution, gave us a tour of the lab. We got to know the procedure much better by actually seeing the manipulation in person. We also took a lot of photos for future reference. Here are some highlights of the tour:

AM machine
Lab Tour

After the tour, we rearranged the content we had and made sure everyone understood each part well. With the pictures we had, our artist modeled the chamber in more details.

Chamber Model

For the art part, we also have purchased some art assets including screws, lab environment, and work coat packages.

For the programming part, our programmers were continuously working on the interactions in Virtual Reality. Here is a screenshot of the door open function of the machine:

Door Open Function

On Wednesday, we presented our semester-long plan to the faculty at 1/4 walk-around and got a lot of feedback from them. We modified our plan to be VR-focused. We planned to finish the first VR prototype before the half and will design our PC part after the playtesting the VR prototype. We are excited to see the progress we are going to make in the next 3 weeks before the half presentation.

Quarter Presentation