Week 9 Dev Blog

In order to make up the 5 days we are going to miss for GDC, we chose to work on our project for the fisrt 5 days of spring break.

We went through the feedback we got from our half presentation. We are confident that since we have finished our VR linear experience, without the final art assest, by the end of week 9, we can finish our project on time by the end of semester. For the hinting, beginning on week 10, we will inivite the students both in the NextManufacturing lab and in ETC to playtest our prototype. We will iterate and modify our design according to the playtest feedback.

For the programming part, we continuously finish up and debug our build. We use placeholder for safety equipment and implement our latest 3D model into our current build. For the art part, our artist is working on unwrapping our 3D model before adding texture on it. Let’s take a peak:

Our designer starts to work on the PC design but we still need to talk more about the requirments from our clients.

On Tuesday, March 12th, our clients, Sandra, Bruce, and Lu come to ETC and we present our latest demo to them.

Bruce playtesting our demo
Discussion at client meeting

Bruce playtesting our demo