Week 10 Dev Blog

In Week 10, we continuously polished our VR project based on the feedback from clients’ visit last week. We set our goal of the week on Monday:

1.  showcase a small interaction between website and Unity

2.  polish and modify the problems we found listed above and get the VR version ready for playtest

3.  lock in what we are going to deliver by the end of the semester and what does the scope of work in the summer gonna look like

We worked hard on trying to make the experience more intuitive and smooth while putting our clients’ suggestions into consideration. Our programmers are continuously working on the VR demo to prepare for the playtest next week.

We changed the interaction of doors and switches in the scene. Instead of dragging the door by the edge, the guest can now click on any part of the door to open or close it automatically. The algorithm is shown below:

Screenshot of Outer Door Controller
Screenshot of Inner Door Controller
Screen of the Switch on the Inner Door

Here is the latest build we had at Week 11.

VR demo of Week 11

Besides the VR version, our team also communicated with the researcher at HCII about their needs from us in the PC version. After discussion, we set our scope of the PC version, which includes the Unity Interactions of these 4 specific steps:

04: EOS Layout Inside Machine

06: Mounting and Leveling of Build Plate

07: Cleaning Lens-Double Check all Setup Conditions

08: Start Build

We will also be responsible for Implementing the communication of interactions to TutorShop and the researcher at HCII will be in charge of PC instruction and HTML implementation.

In conclusion, our project is making progress every day and we are looking forward to our first-ever playtest session next week.