Week 5 Dev Blog

On Monday, we discussed the feedback we got from Quarter Sit-down last Friday. We looked up similar past ETC projects and related companies online together, including Labster, M-lab, and MediSIM. We discussed what we could learn from them and what we should try to avoid in our design. We separated the tutorial content into three layers: the procedure that students need to do; the procedure that lab technician needs to do; and any other information. We prioritized the contents and tasks according to the project’s needs:

  1. Things students must touch in VR
  2. The less important but cool contents and implement into VR
  3. Overall system working in PC

We agree that we need to keep in mind what is the most important part and the hardest step for the students to understand. These parts are where illustration and animation could really help.

After prioritizing our tasks, we are much clearer about what we need to do this week: programmers would finish the most important interactions from step 5-8 in VR; designers would research more on the VR instruction display; the artist would continue working on the model of the chamber.

We worked hard for the demo on Friday and here are some highlights of our progress:

On Friday, our clients, Sandra, Nick and Todd came and we presented our progress and demo to them. It was the first time that we showed our VR demo. Clients were surprised about how efficient and effective the training in VR could be and was very excited to see our progress in the future. Here are some photos of their visit:

With courage and support, Hot Metal team works hard and is looking forward to our next demo!