Week 7 Dev Blog

During week 7, our team is still focusing on the VR version. Our artist has made significant progress on the model of the machine. Now it is completed with two doors–one inner and one outer, plus the monitor and the small table on the right-hand side of the machine. Here are the screenshots:

The side view of the machine
The straight view of the machine
The tools that are used during the procedure

Our programmers continuously worked on step-by-step procedures. We have implemented the text instructions on the tablet and the highlights for the hinting purpose. We also have added name tag on each object the student touched to provide more information for the students. Here is our demo video recorded for week 7 client meeting.

During week 7, we also had several groups of people came to visit our project. On Thursday, February 28th, we had Heather Kelley and John Sharp coming and they provided a lot of suggestions about how to display text information in the VR environment.

On Friday, March 1st, representatives from Deloitte Digital and Anthony Daniel both came and expressed interests in our project as well. Deloitte Digital showed us what they had done similar to our project. Anthony Daniel also played our current build and addressed several concerns about the design of the tablet. We will put these suggestions into concern and improve in our next version of the build.