Week 14 Dev Blog

We cannot believe that it is already week 14. Next week, April 29th, our project is going to participate in the inaugural Manufacturing Futures Forum on the main campus so we are working hard on it.

On Monday, we had soft openings. Faculties came and playtested our product in virtual reality. We also guided them through the PC prototype as well and explain the student’s learning experience step by step. The faculties gave us a lot of valuable advice, including some minor bugs we found during the playtest and adding the feature that the students could have the opportunity to choose which step they want to start with.

For the programming part, we finished implementing all the textures on the lighting. We also have adjusted the environment lighting to make it as realistic as possible.
We also have changed the beginning tutorial and also the ending scene to make the experience more consistent.

For the arts, our artist has also finished polishing all the small interactable objects for the experience.

For the PC parts, we worked hard to finish the most difficult part, the leveling, before Friday, and we made it.

On Friday, April 26th, our client, Sandra, came to visit us and gave us her final suggestions about our project before the end of the semester. Sandra was happy about what we have achieved this semester and she would love to see us showcase our project at the forum.

We showed our PC prototype to the client.

We presented our VR prototype to the client.