Week 12 Dev Blog

After gathering all the feedback from the playtest sessions last week, we fixed and improved a lot of parts and were ready for another round of playtesting. On April 9th, 6 ETC students came and playtested. We were glad to see how our modifications improve the experiences. The follow-up questions were the same as last week and our goal was to collect more information from them.

Based on their feedback, we improved our VR training and were ready for the client’s onsite visit on Friday, April 12th.

On Friday, April 12th, we showed our client, Sandra, the latest VR demo. She also tried it with the hint turning off.

VR version in Week 12

We collaborated with the researcher from HCII for our PC tutorial. Team Hot Metal is responsible for all the interactions in Unity and implementing the communication of interactions to TutorShop. The research from HCII is in charge of PC instruction and HTML implementation. During the client meeting at week 12, we presented “step 4: EOS Layout Inside” of our PC version.

PC version – step 04 EOS Layout Inside

We found out that building up and improving the PC version is far more complicated than we expected, while we only have one programmer responsible for this part. We are confident that we could finish the PC version by the end of the semester. However, by considering its quality and quantity, we are afraid that we could only finish half of them for the Soft Opening.

The semester is coming to the end. Our project is content-heavy with an overwhelming workload, but our team is going to work harder to achieve our goal for the following weeks.