WK13 – Conflict resolution

Summary Goal: Finish the app and refine the prompts Challenge: Not much time left and not sure how to deliver the “wow” factor for our experience Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes…but not quite! Rocky coordination between designers and programmers We crunched…hard…to deliver a working product as fast as we could and playtest with as many people as we could. We ran into several conflicts between designers and programmers, and Kevin and I as co-producers. Everybody was under an Read More

WK12 – Putting pieces together (Alpha Build)

Summary Goal: Get the most out of Production phase. Prototype and playtest as quick and effective as we can. Challenge: We only have 2 weeks left before Softs opening of our project. How to ensure everything works as planned? Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process We went through 2 weeks cycle of production, with at least 1 external playtest a week. We filled our Scrum board with tasks for everyone. The red notes were coordinated with tasks for Read More

WK11 – The right framing

Summary Goal: Figure out how to frame our experience. Challenge: We were blinded from our high-level purpose because we focused too much on the artist’s identity and cool interactions.We had all the right features for our experience but not the framing. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process We met with the Culyba’s family and got our asses kicked back on track! Sabrina pointed out that our direction was unclear and we were afraid to make decisions for our Read More

WK10 – Nose dive in blurry directions (Pre-alpha Build)

Summary Goal: Playtest the first build of the full experience. Challenge: Prototyped without having a finished design direction. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process Goals for this first builds playtest: Usability of our drawing activities on the iPad. Overall experience: Drawing prompts, phone calls mechanics, artist’s stance. Zoe made a physical wireframe for us. Having physical material to quickly look and point at enabled our workflow to be super effective! Saumya also put together several drawing interfaces. We Read More

WK9 – Work with what we have

Summary Goal: Figure out our actionable plan after Halves. Challenges: What alternatives did we have for our guerrilla artist? What should programmers build while designers need to adjust their design? Did we have to find a new design? Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes. Process Coming back from spring break, we met with Heather Kelley who mentioned to us about diversity issues within the creative industry. We felt motivated to discuss about racism and stereotypes. However, we had so Read More