Orange Qi – Producer

Cheng(Orange) QI is a multi-talented game designer and producer. With a programming background, he also has experiences in other areas, including short movies, 3D animations and sound design. His ambition is to develop games that have positive value, allowing everyone to enjoy them, learn from them, and finally grow up with them.


Ted Zhu – Programmer

Born in China, Guoliang Zhu (Ted) graduated from Peking University with a solid knowledge in computer science, and continued to pursue his dream in interactive entertainment and gaming. He joined CMU ETC in Fall 2012. After 3 great semesters, he’s willing to continue effort to create a high quality game with the teammates of Team Serenity.


Heather Martin– Programmer

Heather remembers the exact moment her passion for games was ignited. She was eight years old, it was Christmas morning, and there was a Nintendo 64 wrapped under the tree. The time between then and now has been spent both playing and creating games she loves. She’s developed games for both the iOS and PC using a variety of tech, ranging from the MaKey MaKey to the Eyegaze. She enjoys learning new things and is interested in all aspects of game development.  She’s dabbled in 2D art as well as 3D modeling and is fascinated by the entire process of game creation. She wants to continue making games and hopes to someday land a career in the gaming industry.


Dilara Semerci – Programmer

Holding a Computer Engineering degree and a strong desire for creating games, Dilara is excited to work in Team Serenity as a gameplay programmer. She is enjoying her last semester at ETC’s SV Campus by working with a great team on a project that is mainly focusing on making people feel happy.


Eleanor Chen – 2D/UI Artist

With a drawing background from both design and programming, Eleanor always wants to find a way to combine art and computer technology.  Being a 2D/UI artist in SV Serenity team is a new challenge to her, which makes her even more intrigued and excited about the future in game industry. The experience in ETC helped her to widen perspective and build skills, while becoming more familiar with the industrial work environment and the cooperative work approach. She is ready and willing to commit to the hard work required to establish strong working abilities.


Peter Guo – 2D/3D Artist

When Yichao was an undergraduate student in Electronic Engineering School, he found himself more interested in arts and games and he began to teach himself digital painting since then. Now he is pursuing a master degree of Entertainment Technology at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, working as a 2D artist in his projects for the last semester.


Euka Chen – Game Designer

Given a backround in communication and media study, Euka is fascinated with user experience research and design. She is never satisfied to be a pure user, but wishes to have her input in the designs and be a creator. She loves making artistic and pleasing experience. She enjoys the process of bringing beautiful ideas to life. Here at Silicon Valley, she appreciates the opportunity to work on an artistic gameplay with a talented team and is determined to bring the best result to the final product.