Newsletter Week 14

This week was spent implementing the end level of our game, polishing things already implemented, and improving our game’s performance – and we did it just in time for our soft opening on Friday!

We successfully implemented the serene end level our game so we now have a full game on our hands, yay! We added in new music to match the tone of the new level as well as tweaked some sound effects to better match the emotion we were trying to convey.

We’re still having some performance issues when trying to get our game to run on phones (it runs smoothly on tablet) but we’ve made some progress in this area and will continue working on solving it before the semester ends.

On the non-development side of things we also have our 30 second and 3 minute promotional video available for viewing on the website – shout out to our awesome teammate Eleanor for shooting/editing the whole thing on her own, thanks Eleanor!

On Friday we had our soft opening where we showcased our game to the public in an open playtest. We received lots of valuable feedback and will work on fixing the most glaring errors that we found in the coming week. We also plan to continue polishing and optimizing what we have. Stay tuned!

Download as PDF_Week_14