Newsletter Week 10

After what seems like forever, we’re finally back! Eager to jump back in the swing of things with spring break and GDC behind us, we spent the week the majority of the week preparing for our Halves presentation (a status update in the form of a presentation for those not familiar with ETC lingo) and planning our schedule for the rest of the semester.

We received a lot of good feedback from people who played our game after our presentation. We discovered some new bugs (yay!), learned that people liked the new animations, and learned that people didn’t like how the fireflies covered up the player. Armed with this knowledge, we created a plan for what we want to achieve week by week for the end of the semester.
For next week, we are going to focus on the dangerous red layer of our game. This is the layer in which the player and enemy bug get stuck in a web and must work together in order to free themselves. This is a very important moment in our game in terms of the narrative but also has the highest risk of being confusing for players – which is why we want to complete this soon to playtest is thoroughly. Once this is complete we will work on other aspects of the game, including:  implementing the end level state, making collecting fireflies fun, and fixing the illumination mechanic. We have a lot to do and are excited to begin this new sprint. Stay tuned!