Newsletter Week 3

Team Serenity, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Week of Decisions. A short time ago in an office (not so) far, far away…many decisions were made: an idea, a platform, and a logo.

First, a summary of our idea. The player is a water drop on the canvas of an aged painting. However, this is no ordinary painting. The flowers and bramble painted on the canvas interact with the player. When the player collides with a flower, that area of the painting is revived and that flower’s color returns. When the player collides with a thorn, they lose part of themselves and shrink. The players’ goal is to revive as much of the painting as they can. The game is over when nothing is left of the droplet.

This brings us to our second decision: choosing a platform. We’ve decided to develop for tablet (iPad and Android). This allows us to use intuitive mechanics such as tilting to control which direction the droplet falls. To begin the prototyping process we acquired an Apple developers account and setup a demo station in our office devoted to creating builds.

Lastly, we decided on a team logo. With that settled, our artists are now free to experiment with different art styles to determine what best matches the tone of our game.

There is one final decision to be made though: the game engine. We are currently on the fence between Unity and Corona so we’ve decided to try both. Our engineers are developing two prototypes for next week: one in Corona and the other in Unity. Once completed, we will assess the development processes and choose an engine. We are also in communication with experts in the field of psychology and hope to meet with them soon. Stay tuned!