We want to send the message that you have powers that others don’t have, even if they are the bullies who look ten times stronger than you. They might need your help one day. Together you will be more than just either of you alone. Cooperate with each other; the dynamic of your relationship will change.

In the beginning, our hero, the seed, departs his safe place and starts the journey down into a deep valley.

He passes branches and leaves and learns about other magical creatures. All of a sudden there is a gigantic bug. It sees the falling seed, charges at him, causing him to crack open. It chases after him like a nightmare. With the shell open, the rune inside the seed is revealed. There’s glowing light coming out of him. The seed can now send out light that resonate with other glowing creatures in the world.

The environment gets less friendly and starts to affect the bug. After one last strike at the seed, the bug gets knocked out and falls to a lower level.

The seed goes on and sees the bug stuck to a huge spider web that blocks the way completely. He has no choice but to land it as well. By sending out his light, he revives the unconscious bug, who starts to struggle. It stretches the web to its limit, but not enough.

The seed can jump up a bit as well. As the player synchronizes his jump with the bug’s charge, the web would stretch a bit more, and eventually reach the breaking point. The bug is free now. It turns to the seed, ready for another attack, but next moment it turns away and charges at the lower obstacle instead.

Our hero is able to go forward again. The bug is now one step ahead of the seed and breaks obstacles for it. Its color has changed, indicating the change of its attitude and the relationship.

The level will be fast-paced, and in the end they both reach the beautiful end world.

Design Process

Game Screenshots

Demo Video

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