Newsletter Week 1

Happy (after the) Holidays from team Serenity! After receiving a warm welcome from our friendly neighbors on the EA campus we went through the familiar routine of setting up our office, meeting faculty advisors, creating a team Google Drive, and choosing team roles.

We’ve been challenged to design a game that chips away at a major social problem: bullying. The majority of the week was spent researching the causes and effects of bullying as well as the psychology behind happiness and controlling one’s own emotions.  With the research we’ve done so far in mind, we conducted our first brainstorm meeting. We had several interesting ideas that were discussed but narrowed it down to our top three.

Next week we will pitch the ideas to our faculty advisors. If an idea is chosen we will flesh it out more and being development. Otherwise, we will undergo another iteration of brainstorming and research.  We will also begin designing our team logo and website.