Newsletter Week 15

This week was spent polishing our game so that we have a complete experience to push to the App Store and Google Play since this was our last week of development. Things we worked on include adding a credits video, making the web event more clear, and modifying/adding more sound effects.

The credits video was completed this week and is now played at the very end of our experience. Since the end of our experience is at the serene forest floor, the credits video gives some more closure to the game by scrolling back up, so the viewer can relax and enjoy the beautiful ending area. We also made the web event a bit more clear by adding a UI element to the screen that notifies the player when to jump (since our playtesters were unanimous in saying that they understood that they were supposed to jump with the enemy but did not know the specific moment they were supposed to do this). This UI element is also accompanied by a sound effect Рcombined, they serve to better communicate to the player that they need to do something at that moment. Other sound effects (such as the enemy charging)  were also modified to better match the atmosphere of the game.

Next week will be spent preparing for our finals presentation on Wednesday as well as pushing updates to the App Store and Google Play before we all go our separate ways. Stay tuned!

Download as PDF_Week_15