Newsletter Week 2

Three day weekends are the best! Four day work weeks…not so much. However, despite the loss of a day, we were able to accomplish a lot this week.

On Wednesday we pitched our top three ideas to our faculty advisors and received very valuable feedback. There was no single idea that stood above the rest, however there were specific parts from each that were well liked. Our goal now is to take the best from each idea and merge them together to create one idea to rule them all.

This means we have a bit more research and brainstorming ahead of us.Fortunately, we have contacts in the CMU psychology department. We are currently reaching out to schedule a meeting with them in the hopes that they can help us to better understand human behavior. We’re also reaching out to the developers of “IF…”, a game that teaches emotional intelligence, to learn from a team who has experience making games in this space.

This week also marked the beginning of the team branding process. We had our team photo taken (thanks Carl!) and began designing concepts for the team logo and poster. We will continue designing concepts over the next couple of weeks and hopefully have our website up and running soon. Stay tuned!