Week 11

Coming to a close! We have a lot going on in the Universal Insignia Team, just check out our to do list through the end of the month!

Our to do items are in Orange, and those are only the big changes we want to make! There are plenty of little to dos we want to accomplish between all of these other items.

We are most excited for our next round of playtesting, to take place this coming Saturday. Jamie and Hailey plan to have a parallax gold spike done by that day so it will be great to get some feedback from our playtesters on that new feature!

Jaime has been working hard on adding features to the library pages so that the movement effects will look natural. Below is her current redesign of the Practical Skills/Advanced Badges Jungle Library:

I spent some time yesterday creating QR codes to hand off to Evelyn who will be working on the badge design that we discussed last week. we plan to have all of the badges done and locked in by 4/19 including (5) extra badges for each category.

In the mean time, or badge list document is getting very robust! A clean handoff is important to us, so this document has been very helpful when it comes to organizing our badge assets!

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