Week 2

The second week started with getting organized! Schedules were created as well as our Scrum Board. We will break our project scope down into a backlog and work on backlog items weekly to get the list accomplished. With the help of our scrum board we can all be accountable for our tasks and properly evaluate what can be accomplished each week.

We also received a Badge Breakdown from the Elizabeth Forward School District so we can see the badges they currently have in place.

This also was our week of discussions with the client! As a team we drove out to the Elizabeth Forward School District to visit in person. The team met with Superintendent Dr. Todd Keruskin and his team of teachers and administrators that have been involved heavily with the current badging process for the Kindergarten classrooms. It was infectious to see first hand the passion and pride Dr. Keruskin and his team has for this project.

We learned exactly how much the current system helps teachers and parents know exactly where their student is as far as their education. Where the traditional grading system can be very vague the badging gets to specifically where the student is succeeding and where they might be getting hung up. This system also allows for the development of essential skills at anywhere and anytime. Students can earn badges anywhere, in the classroom, on the playground, on the bus, at home. There are no rules that confine earning to a weekly test but rather allows for the student to develop a self-directed, active learning style.

The team at EFSD shared a brainstorming session they had with us, calling out three important groups that need access to the badging information, and what they hope each area will get out of the interface. Most importantly they are looking for something that can be easily adapted and maintained as needed.

The team also had a call with the team at Carmichaels School District who is looking to implement a badging system of their own. They are working with EFSD to develop what they want to implement as well. It was nice to touch base with the folks there to make sure we are all on the same page and move forward with input from all parties involved.

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