Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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KiTES aims to reinvent ‘School education’ through immersive and interactive experiences designed for the cutting-edge SMALLab platform.

KiTES is made up of a team of like-minded and self-motivated ETC students who want to bring about a positive change in the society. Our goal is to design and develop ‘Transformational games’ that reinforces the curricular concepts in various subject areas. Our games would engage and educate students better than the traditional approaches of teaching.

Currently, we are designing the experiences for the cutting-edge SMALLab platform. SMALLab, (Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab) is an embodied learning environment with motion-capture technology that tracks students’ 3D movements as they learn in immersive, interactive space.

In this dynamic and collaborative environment, students get to interact with the game as a group through touch, sight and sound. Thus the learning experience is made very much fun, effective and easy-to-grasp.

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