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WEEK 6 (2/18/2013 – 2/24/2013)


This week we did a lot of rapid prototyping and made a lot of progress in both our prototypes.

The entire team sat down to decide our direction in the next two weeks based on feedback from Quarters. We held art meetings to track our progress regarding the assets of both prototypes. We also updated our theme and art-style plans based on the feedback we got from the teachers we spoke to last week.

‘Marker’ feature was implemented in the Tool. Our artist also started prototyping on assets and had them implemented into the tool. We also researched on the possible feature of having a secondary interface in IPad for the teacher and integrating it with the tool.

A very good progress was made in the clock prototype. After getting the hands of the clock to work, we started implementing different modes in the game. Each mode will cater to the syllabus of students of different grades. As we wanted to make the game really customizable for teachers, we created a template document for the teachers to enter the necessary data. This document will then be converted into XML and integrated into the game automatically.

We also began our brainstorming for the Reading game. To understand what critical feedback the game should give, we contacted Sarah Nill, the reading specialist whose kindergarten-reading class we attended a few weeks ago. We received valuable insight about the feedback that can help the kindergarten students.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to visit the client for playtesting this week. We are planning to visit them next week, with more features implemented.

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