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WEEK 14 (4/15/2013 – 4/19/2013) We visited SMALLab twice this week for testing. First visit on Wednesday was for internal test of all the products and also to talk to some of the teachers to briefly explain how to use the tool. We were happy to find out that teachers are more than willing to use the tool and want …Continue reading →



WEEK 13 (4/8/2013 – 4/12/2013) We set up a development schedule for remaining 2 weeks before soft opening which includes all the finalized features of our products. We visited SMALLab to test the Mode-3 of clock game and also did an internal test on polished tool and reading game. We finally got an iPad to use for testing the iPad feature …Continue reading →



WEEK 12 (4/1/2013 – 4/5/2013) Our team came back from GDC, San Francisco early this week and spent time to get back on the track. We had team meeting to update the current progress and set up schedule for the next few weeks till ‘soft’. Instead of visiting our client this week, we had meeting via Skype and update each …Continue reading →



Week 10 (3/18/2013 – 3/22/2013) This week must have been one of the busiest week. On Monday, our team performed a half presentation successfully. Not having time to celebrate, we had to start right away to prepare for the PA Night event at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School on Friday. We created Interactive Pennsylvania map and also polished clock game …Continue reading →



WEEK 9 (3/11/2013 – 3/15/2013) We understood that our team would be short handed during the week of Game Developer’s Conference in two weeks. So in spite of the Spring break, our team decided to work as we wanted to compensate for that time we will be losing. Our main focus for this week is to prepare for a successful playtest with …Continue reading →



WEEK 8 (3/4/2013 – 3/10/2013) This week, we focused on finishing playable prototype of clock game and adding more features to the tool so that we can show them to teachers during our visit to Elizabeth Forward Middle School this Friday. For tool, we added art assets created by our artist and started polishing for the onsite test this week. …Continue reading →


WEEK 7 (2/25/2013 – 3/3/2013) This week we continued our pace of rapid prototyping as we planned for a client visit and playtesting this Thursday. We made a huge push with respect to integrating more art assets into our prototypes. As the teachers rightly suggested, we understood that ‘Space’ theme was very resonant among elementary students. So our artists worked …Continue reading →


WEEK 6 (2/18/2013 – 2/24/2013) This week we did a lot of rapid prototyping and made a lot of progress in both our prototypes. The entire team sat down to decide our direction in the next two weeks based on feedback from Quarters. We held art meetings to track our progress regarding the assets of both prototypes. We also updated …Continue reading →


WEEK 5 (2/11/2013 – 2/17/2013) This week we spent a great deal of time in preparation for our quarter walkarounds. We were also updating our prototypes for the next client visit. In the clock-game prototype, We started implementing the core mechanic of the game. We got the hands of the clock moving according to the position of the Wand. We …Continue reading →


WEEK 4 (2/4/2013 – 2/10/2013) This week, we made significant progress with respect to the tool and decided the art style and theme and prepared the complete design for the clock game. The art asset list for the Tool and clock game has been prepared for our artists to start creating them. We again visited Elizabeth Forward Middle School and …Continue reading →