Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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WEEK 2 (1/21/2013 – 1/27/2013)


This week, we had an exciting first-visit to our client. We visited Elizabeth Forward Middle School on Monday. We had chance to see the SMALLab and play around with the system for a while to understand the possibilities and limitations. After the visit, we had internal meeting to decide on the possible products to take up from the list that the client gave. And then we updated our client in the skype call, regarding our decision regarding Game-maker plugin and tool, reading and clock game.

We also brainstormed about the various features and gamification ideas tools. We got our programmers get their hands dirty on building the basic prototypes integrating the SMALLab SDK.

The complete design of the tool was prepared as a ppt presentation and was shared with the clients to get their valuable feedback. And our artists started working on the Logo, Half-sheet and posters. This week our project team name KiTES(Kids Taught and Entertained using SMALLab) was born.

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