Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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Heem Patel : Programmer / Assosiate Producer

Heem Patel is from Gujarat, India. His undergraduate Major is in Computer Science and Engineering. He wanted to work on video games and interactive experiences and that led him to ETC. He wants to work on games and location based entertainment systems, one of his dreams is to design and build an attraction for an amusement park.

He is thrilled by the idea of working on anything which is new, so for e.g. it might be an unconventional input system for games, or a different way of interaction for location based systems. He’s always excited to work with new technologies and loves the challenges which come with them.


Tianyi Li : Artist

Tianyi Li received her Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. With the background of both programming and design, she found her interest in three dimensional modeling and animating.

Currently, She is attending ETC with the goal of getting a better understanding of teamwork and game industry pipeline.


Ching-Fang Chuang (Rik) : Artist

Born in Taiwan, with passion in Art, Ching-Fang(Rik) has background in drawing, dancing, acting, and photography.

After Rik had her secondary education in Singapore, she decided to major in 3D design at the University of Iowa. In the process of pursuing her BFA degree, Rik realized that the video game is the form of art which she can best communicates her ideas with the world.

Currently, she is at the ETC as a 3D modeler, eager to learn and work in a game production.


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