Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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WEEK 3 (1/28/2013 – 2/3/2013) This week we started building our Project website. Our project description and goals were uploaded along with the information about our team members. We visited our clients again this week. We attended the reading classes, trying to understand the lesson from the point of the view of the children. We were able to understand about …Continue reading →


WEEK 2 (1/21/2013 – 1/27/2013) This week, we had an exciting first-visit to our client. We visited Elizabeth Forward Middle School on Monday. We had chance to see the SMALLab and play around with the system for a while to understand the possibilities and limitations. After the visit, we had internal meeting to decide on the possible products to take …Continue reading →


WEEK 1 (1/14/2013 – 1/20/2013) Hi! This is KiTES!! ● Brian Kang – Producer, Sound ● Mohan Subramanian – Lead Game Designer ● Heem Patel – Programmer, Associate Producer ● Tushar Arora – Programmer ● Shine Li – Programmer ● Tia Li – Artist ● Rik Chuang – Artist KITES is made up of a team of like-minded and self-motivated …Continue reading →