Neo Security Lab Week 2 blog

Neo Security Lab Week 2 blog

For our week 2, we did extensive research and brainstorm and We propose the initial design according to the client‘s requirements.

For the brainstorm Part, our team participates in the ETC’s brainstorm’s workshop Which helped us listed our inspiration, the experience we want our user to have, and also the needs.

After the workshop, we came out with Three our designs of the game

Our First idea was inspiring by a rough like card game call Slay of Spire, so the design is Roguelike game with an automatically generated node-like map. Each node may contain some special events, maybe an AI API question, maybe a battle. Players can get resources from these events if they answer correctly or won the battle. The player’s goal is to reach the end of the map — a boss fight or something. Of course, before the end of the map, no matter what path players chose, they would answer 20 questions triggered by the Player’s resource may have: food, money, skills, soldiers, etc.
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Our second idea was inspiring from a game we played during our brainstorming called baba is you.

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Which will be a puzzle game like puzzle game but instead of pushing box in Sokoban we’ll make user push word to do the selection

Ex: players can push the “Yes” or “No” word to the ()

In order to make that interesting, we’ll add some conditions to prevent players play so fast or lost of intrest.

For our Third idea, we want to build an FPS or airplane shooting game like Doom or 1945
Image result for raiden airplane game

At the start of the game, the player will be asked 8 questions with AI assistant based on the API. After the player answered these 8 questions, the player will be shown the correct answer. Then the player will start playing several automatic generated missions based on their 8 question answer (the seed to generate the mission is the first 8 questions’ answers). At the end of each mission, the player needs to answer several questions with the help of an AI assistant. Get some bonus if they answer correctly.