Neo Security Lab Week9 blog

Neo Security Lab Week9 blog

Week 9 is the first week we work remotely due to the effect of COVID-19. This week we added a timestamp for all action logging, and refactored some of our code. We also made some changes for UI, especially buttons. Also for the minigame part we changed the concept and art style of the “patch panel” to “10G laser network router” based on the client’s suggestion.

We added mouseover events on buttons. For example, when you stay your mouse over a button the visual status of this button will change.

Also our buttons fit the futuristic theming better, and when you click “Input” or “Unmodeledinfo” buttons they will pop up a full screen instead of previous version a half screen.

Action timestamp feature is added to record user’s action.

We also change the script and art style of our minigame. For now we just made the change to only appear on our tutorial level. Once we get confirmation from our instructor and client, we will make the change on all levels.