Neo Security Lab Week10 blog

Neo Security Lab Week10 blog

Week 10 is the second week since we started to work remotely. This week we changed the AI image from cube image to the prism shapes image to make it look more neutral. We also revised our task part UI and game part UI away from patch panel toward more futuristic style. With our story faculty’s help, we kept iterating our story script toward final version. Moreover, we added minor functions in our minigame and adjusted some content in our minigame and UI.

We changed our AI image into the prism shapes image and added entrance animation for it. Also, we added speech bubble for the AI suggestion and AI confidence level to avoid similarity with the “Tesseract” and to bring the whole task part more sense of futuristic.

We also revised our UI, button and content layout for our task part and got rid of the “brain” background to make our task part looks more neutral.

For the summary part we replaced the old cute bot AI icon with our new prism shapes AI icon.

We also replaced the AI image in the tutorial level for the minigame, and we changed the name10G network to 9G laser intern system, to make the minigame toward more futuristic and also avoided the potential confusion that the 10G might looks like “LOG” by users.

For our story part, we temporarily removed the animation placeholder since we have newly edited script coming up. Besides, we added “next” button function to give the user freedom to skip the animation.

For the submenu hierarchy, we added arrow/image instead of “:” character.

Based on our client’s feedback, we also adjusted the minigame 3×4 mirror blocks. We adjusted the minigame solid block color to darker color, and we changed the mirror blocks’ reflection. Also, there will be more interesting minigame levels coming up or different difficulty levels minigame for our next week’s development to enrich our minigame’s interest curve.