Neo Security Lab Week 5 blog

Neo Security Lab Week 5 blog

Neo Security Lab Week 5
For week5 we iterated our mini-game base on our Quarter Semester feedback and client’s feedback, we also met Dr. Jessica Hammer and collected some useful advice from Dr. Hammer and iterated our product UI from such advice.

For our Mini Game, based on the feedback we thought if we do 4-5 different kinds of mini-games, it might not give the user a consistent experience, and also introduces the disadvantage of making a consistent story background. Therefore, we decided to make our mini-game to be a patch panel theme mini-game with different levels from easy to hard, instead of 4 -5 different games. We will test this approach of one style of mini-game interspersed with the questions in the coming weeks. The shown mini-game of random pipe connections inspired a patch panel idea that will be closer to the rest of the story and experience. That is, we are moving from extrinsic fantasy to intrinsic fantasy and working to have our story, UI, and mini-games work together and complement one another.

Moving from random pipe to patch panel mini game design

For our UI design we had different options, but ultimately we listened to Dr. Hammer’s advice and decided to use the most concise design in order to appeal to our user and present as clear information as possible.

The initial simple UI we desiged

The most concise design we shared includes “Click more information, pop out result” function

Another layout for detailed UI, where choices are in the middle of the scene.

We will keep iterating more versions to make sure players can easily get the information they need.