Neo Security Lab Week8 blog

Neo Security Lab Week8 blog

For week 8 we had our half presentation where we shared our current development progress about our whole product, our story background, our UI, and our minigames with our ETC faculty. We also made plans for our second half of the semester for our product.

For the UI part:
We will make the scroll view for answer table that can contain all the answers inside, and we’ll improve the aesthetic style for buttons for questions. We want to make the buttons with beveled edges, drop shadows, and we’ll also modify the “Check Status” button to check my Employee Effectiveness Evaluation Score and DT’s Employee Effectiveness Evaluation Score, which indicates whether the player is in the lead or behind.

For the Story Part:
We’ll keep iterating on the story base on API’s task questions and iterate voiceover record according to story and we will coordinate with our client to replace the animation placeholder with more polished material.

For the Minigame Part:
We want to add some randomness toward the minigame, and make the core game play more likely like a patch panel feel, and we will also replace the art resource for the minigame.

For the Backend Part:
We will refactor system logic codes for adding more features, and add more features including timestamp and other action data for transmitting. Also, as soon as we have the real API we’ll test it with our product and make sure everything on backend runs well.