Neo Security Lab Week 4 blog

Neo Security Lab Week 4 blog

For week 4 we had our 1/4 walk around and we collected a lot of useful feedback and information from ETC faculty regarding Design, Art, and Programming perspectives. We also came out with potential solutions to that feedback.

Design Feedbacks –

What is the point(reward) meaning?

The motivation for user playing this game?

How we can make the player to play again. Or do we need to make the player play repeatedly?

For example – Lottery – incentify players to play this game, again and again, Background information in the mini-game?

How we can find a story to encourage users to do the most honest choice?
Theme setting – Realistic world vs. Fantasy world

Solution: we’ll keep researching, e.g., the four Bartles player types, and in cooperation with our client, come out with a doable mechanism to quickly attract our users and make our background story and/or core gameplay encourage users to answer all questions attentively. After building up our game, we can make the most use of playtesting nights. We can go to the playtest night at Hunt library Studio B every Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm. By receiving feedback, our team can design user interfaces that players feel more comfortable with, and make the game more cohesive. We’re going to a playtesting event on April 4th as well to get more feedback.  Note that after referral with the client, we know that replay is not important for this game.  Instead, it is important to get the player to give attention to all 20 questions in the experience and answer them with the goal of doing well.  If our minigames and story keep the user attentive through all 20 questions, we have done well.

Art Feedback:

There are too many blue colors on the half sheet. We’ll enlarge the shield logo to make the half sheet more balanced. Additionally, NE”O” Security Lab on the half sheet looks like NE”D” Security Lab. We will change the font style to address this problem. The faculty thinks we need more color contrast and some white on our half sheet.

Solution: we’ll iterate and finish our marketing materials fix the problem based on feedback to publicize our final version by week 5.

Programming Feedbacks:

We should build a workable, cohesive demo before half. Showing videos or screenshots is fine for now, but as time goes on we need to deliver a runnable product.

Solution:  we’ll fill out the blank question part with our own task, and come out a playable version as soon as possible.  This will include both story elements and minigames.

Our Week 4 demo video