Neo Security Lab Week 13 Blog

Neo Security Lab Week 13 Blog

Week 13 is the fifth week since we started to work remotely. This week we try our best to prepare for the upcoming soft open, at UI part we fix scroll bar problem in summary table and we modify the summary table layout. For story part we added more visual effects for the story scene and there are more illustrations in the making. For the code part, we had our code review with our project instructor and after that we cleaned our code base on instructor’s suggestion.

We added some particle effects at the login window to make it more futuristic, and we also put “Deny button” by the beginning consent form just in case anyone wishes to opt out.

For the task questions part, after client’s confirmation we locked down the Reward System’s format and position and we also changed the layout of summary table, fixed the scroll bar to make it normal, and we added a summary page after 20 questions to let user see how they are doing.

We also added more particle effects to the game part such as the flash light effect by the end of the story to make it more enriched.

After Thursdays’ code review, we also cleaned our code base, based on our instructor’s suggestion, and we added more comments in our code for our client’s further development, we will also write a code instruction.txt for our client’s future code maintenance.